The context

• Europe produces annually approx. 20 million tonnes of bottom ash from the incineration of our household refuse, a little over 3 million tonnes of this in France.

• The great majority of this bottom ash is utilised in road base layers: to do this, it must first of all be stored and matured for a certain time before having the ferrous and non-ferrous metals removed from it.

• Until recently, only the large metals could be extracted industrially. The latest developments now make it possible to recover the small metals (almost 50% of the potential).

• In order to encourage the industrialists in the profession to equip themselves, it was necessary to develop a new refining process for the recovery of the small metals, environmentally friendly and economically attractive: RECYF did this by designing an innovative “dry” process.
• Over and above the ecological aspect, the extraction of the small metals is of real economic interest.