Waste finds its meaning.

A new high-quality raw material to reintegrate into the consumption cycle…

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About Us

Innovators in Recycling

Industrial-scale recycling for material revalorization.

Our core business: extracting non-ferrous metals from incinerated household waste.
By developing and then operating our own separation processes, we achieve the optimal concentration of metal from waste.
Through highly precise and environmentally friendly sorting, we enable the reintegration of these materials into the consumption cycle.

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of the materials entering our facility are thus valorized.
Our Charter

Support an industrial ecosystem in harmony with both humanity and business.

Realize the imperative to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Integrate our teams into an eco-creative approach.

Affirm the concept of ‘Recycled-Recyclable.

Our Evolution

An original circular economy sector

Our Ecological Commitment


Our work organization is driven by the awareness of the deficit of natural resources.

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50,000 tons / year

Processing 50,000 tons/year. Sorting and valorization of non-ferrous metals from incinerated household waste. Significant contribution to reducing environmental impact through industrial-scale recycling.


€20 Million

2022 Revenue: €20 million. Our expertise, values, and innovative ideas form the foundations of our development.


€4 Million

Profits reinvested in 2023 in production lines and real estate.

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Our initiatives

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